章程 Bylaw

Chapter 1 General总则

1. The official English name of the organization is “CALGARY JIANG ZHE SHANGHAI ASSOCIATION”, abbreviated as CJZSA. The official Chinese name of the organization is “卡城江浙上海联谊会”. 本会的中文全名为“卡城江浙上海联谊会”;英文全名为“CALGARY JIANG ZHE SHANGHAI ASSOCIATION”。

2. CJZSA is a community organization of Chinese Canadian and oversee Chinese mainly coming from mainland China including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and other regions, now living in Calgary; CJZSA is a non-political, non-religious and non-profit charitable civil society by participating and providing charitable activities and services to the public, particularly to the Calgary Chinese community. 本会是由卡尔加里来自江苏、浙江、上海及其他地区(包括江苏、浙江、上海及其他地区的中国大陆)的华侨、华人、华裔组成的社团,为群众自愿组合的自治组织;本会系非政治性、非宗教性、非营利性并参与公益活动与慈善服务的团体组织。

3. CJZSA is a registered non-profit organization under the Alberta’s law. CJZSA shall follow the Canadian law and be protected by the Canadian law. 本会根据加拿大阿尔伯塔省有关法律和规定在阿尔伯塔省登记、注册,其活动受加拿大有关法律保护和约束。

Chapter 2 Mission and Vision宗旨

4. Mission本会宗旨

i) To promote Chinese culture and preserve Chinese heritage; Promote the mutual respect and exchange between Chinese culture and other different cultures; Promote the development and prosperity of Canadian multiculturalism. 弘扬中华文化,促进华人文化与其他文化交流,推动加拿大多元文化的发展和繁荣。

ii) To provide positive assistance to the new immigrants from mainland China for adapting to the life, customs and culture in Canada; To assist and encourage new arrivals of mainland Chinese to integrate into the Canadian community; Protecting the legitimate rights and interests of overseas Chinese in Canada. 积极协助移民适应加拿大的生活、习俗和文化;帮助华人华侨更好地融入加拿大主流社会,共同发展;维护华人的合法权益。

iii) Actively participate in public welfare activities and charitable service in Calgary; Participate in the construction and development of the Chinese community; Expand the scope of social services to the Chinese community (especially the elderly) and members. 积极参与卡尔加里的公益活动与慈善服务,参与华人社区的建设和发展,不断扩大为会员及社会群体(特别是老人)服务的范围。

iv) To provide facilities and opportunities of social and other recreational activities for overseas Chinese; Promoting the communication and solidarity of the Chinese community. 提供会员相互结识的机会,联络感情,发扬互助精神,促进交流和团结。

v) Widely recruiting and inviting community enthusiasts and activists to improve the service and program quality of the association. 广泛吸纳社会各界热心人士,发挥其聪明才智,提高服务质量。

Chapter 3 Membership会员

5. Membership

i) Any oversea Chinese of 18 years or older who is living in Calgary and from Mainland China such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, will agree and obey the bylaw and related regulations of CJZSA, and also must obey the Canadian laws, may apply the membership and join the association. 凡年满十八岁的江苏、浙江、上海及其他地区(包括江苏、浙江、上海及其他地区的中国大陆)的华人、华侨、华裔不分宗教及性别,凡认同和遵守本会章程及其他条例,遵守加拿大法律者均可申请入会。

ii) A candidate should submit the application form with recommendation of two members, one of them is a member of BOD. The membership of a new member must be approved by the BOD. 新会员申请入会时,须经两名会员(其中一人必须是理事)介绍,并填写入会表格,经理事会批准,方可加入本会。

iii) The member must pay the membership fee annually. The member who does not pay membership fee for two consecutive years will be considers as automatically quitting the membership. In this case the quitted member should follow the process for the new member when rejoining the CJZSA. 会员必须每年交纳会费,连续两年未交会员费者则视为自动放弃会员资格,如再要入会则按新会员办理。

iv) CJZSA welcomes other Canadian who would actively promote the Canadian-Chinese friendship to join CJZSA. 本会也欢迎热心促进加中交流的非华裔人士参加。

v) CJZSA also welcomes the special professionals to join CJZSA. 对于有特殊贡献的人才,联谊会可酌情发展。

6. Member’s Rights会员的权利

i) Members have the rights to vote, to elect and to be elected, to freely express the comments, suggestions and criticisms to CJZSA and the BOD. 会员享有选举和被选举权,可对本会的活动及理事会的工作提出建议和批评。

ii) Members have rights to participate the association’s activities and to access the services provided by CJZSA. 会员有参与会务活动,接受本会提供服务的权利。

iii) Members have right to quit the membership, but the paid membership fee will not be refunded when quitting the membership. 会员有退会的权利(只退会籍不退已缴付的会费)。

7. Member’s Duties会员的义务

i) The fundamental duty of the member is paying membership fee annually. 每年缴纳会费是会员的基本义务。

ii) Members shall obey the bylaw and related regulations of CJZSA, care the CJZSA’s reputation and should not damage CJZSA’s reputation. 自觉遵守本会章程及有关条例,爱护本会声誉,不得有损害本会声誉的行为。

iii) Without authorization and agreement of the BOD, any member shall not guarantee, certificate and act in the name of CJZSA. 非经理事会同意,不得以本会名义对外担保,作任何认证或以本会名义进行活动。

Chapter 4 Organization 组织机构

8. General meeting会员大会

CJZSA ultimatum power belongs to its members. The highest decision-making body is the general meeting of CJZSA’s members. The annual general meeting (AGM) shall be held once a year, mainly in summer. For special circumstances a special general meeting can be held upon the request of one third valid total members or called upon the request of two third members of the board of directors (BOD) and board of supervisors (BOS). 会员大会为本会最高决策机构。正式会员大会每年举行一次。在特殊情况下,根据三分之二以上的理事和监事的要求可召开临时会员大会。

Notice of the annual general meeting or the special general meeting shall be publically announced or sent to each member at least two weeks before the date of the general meeting. 召开会员大会公告必须在会员大会召开日期的两周之前公开公布或通知全体会员。

A quorum at the general meeting of the members shall be 10% of the members entitled to vote at the meeting. 会员大会的法定人数是10%的具有选举权会员。

Mission of the annual general meeting会员大会的任务是:

i) A report of BOD and BOS on year’s activities shall be presented and reviewed during the AGM. 听取和审查理/监事会的报告

ii) A financial report should be presented and reviewed during the AGM听取和审查本会财务报告

iii) Any major business should be reviewed, discussed and decided during the meeting. 讨论并决定本会的重大问题
iv) CJZSA bylaw may be reviewed or revised during the AGM. 修改本会章程

v) Election of the members of the board of directors and the board of supervisors if it is necessary. 选举和调整理/监事会的组成人员

9. Board of Directors (BOD) 理事会

The board of directors is the highest executive committee. The businesses and affairs of the CJZSA shall be discussed and managed by the board of directors. The meeting of executive shall occur once every two months at least. 理事会为本会最高行政机构,在大会休会期间执行会员大会决议。本会的重要事务,须经理事会讨论决策。理事会会议每二个月举行一次,或在需要时可临时召开理事会会议。

1) The directors shall be a paid and validated member who will service the Chinese community and charitable activities and shall actively participate in the programs and activities of CJZSA. 联谊会理事应为联谊会会员,热衷于华人社区服务和公益活动,并积级主动参与联谊会各类活动和服务。

2) The term of the board of directors is two three years. The total members of the directors shall be no less than 11or more than 21, and be in an odd number. 理事会至少由十一名理事组成,最多不超过二十一名。每届理事会任期三年。理事会主席由会长担任。

3) The election of the directors of the society shall normally take place at the annual meeting. The directors shall be elected by secret ballot. 理事以无记名投票选举产生。

4) The directors shall elect a president of the association who is the representative of the association and is response to the BOD. The president is the chair of the BOD. The maximum term of the president is no more than two consecutive terms of the BOD. The president of the association shall be the chair of the BOD. 本会设会长一名,由理事会在理事中选举产生。会长的职责是对外代表本会,对内负责大会决议的执行。会长的任期不得连续超过两届。

5) The BOD shall include three vice presidents who shall be elected by directors. The first vice president is the executive vice president. The role of the vice presidents is to assist and support the president managing the daily affairs. In the case of absence of the president the vice president shall take the responsibility of the president according to the order of the vice president. 本会设有第一,第二和第三副会长共三名。副会长由理事会协商产生。第一副会长为常务副会长。副会长的职责是协助会长工作,会长因故不能执行任务时,依顺序由副会长代理职责。

6) The BOD includes a secretary-general who shall be elected by the directors. The secretary-general is responsible for managing the document and records, and responsible for taking and keeping the meeting minutes. The secretary-general may take some responsibilities of the president or vice president under the authorization of the president or vice president. 本会设秘书长一名,由理事会主席任命(理事选举),经会长或副会长的委托可以代理会长或副会长的职责,并负责文件、档案的管理。

7) The BOD shall establish executive directors who manage special task under the authorization of the BOD. The executive directors include the president, vice president, secretary-general and the treasurer. 理事会设常务理事,经理事会授权处理具体工作。常务理事由会长、副会长、秘书长和财务总监组成。

8) The directors each have his/her own responsibilities for English secretary, finance, business, general affairs, public relations, entertainment, seniors, women and children, youth, new immigrants and other tasks. 本会设中英文秘书、财务、会务、总务、公关、文娱、耆英、妇女及儿童、青年、新移民等方面的理事。

9) The BOD shall have power to point additional director in the case of resign of many standing directors. The procedure of appointing the additional directors is在会员大会休会期间,如理事因故辞职或离职,造成多位理事职位空缺,需要增补理事,以便开展工作,理事会可讨论并通过增补理事,其增补办法如下:

• Pointing new additional directors must be approved by the 2/3 of the standing directors; 新增理事须经三分之二在职理事赞成通过

• The term of the new additional directors is from the date of elected to the election day of the next board of the directors; 增补理事任职期限从当选之日开始到下一届理事会改选日为止

• The BOD can supplement maximum up to four directors within the three years term. 在一届理事会任期内,最多仅能增补四名理事。

10) The BOD is entitled to recruit community leaders and professionals as consultants and may invite them to attend BOD’s meetings when necessary. 理事会有权邀聘社会贤达及专业人才为顾问,必要时可列席理事和监事会议。

11) In accordance with the bylaw and general meeting’s resolutions, the BOD may pass some regulations for effective operation of the association. 根据本章程和会员大会决议,理事会可制定某些具体管理条例,以利于联谊会正常、有效运作。

10. Board of Supervisors监事会

Board of Supervisors (BOS) is the highest monitoring and supervising committee who is responsible to the general meeting of the association. The board of supervisors is composed of 3~5 supervisors including chief supervisor and deputy chief supervisor. The board of supervisors shall hold a meeting every three month and may have joint meeting with the board of directors when necessary. The responsibility of supervisors is: 监事会为本会最高监督和监察机构,对全体会员大会负责。监事会由监事三至五人组成,设正副监事长各一名。监事会每三个月举行一次会议。必要时可与理事会联合召开。监事会的职责是:

1) Supervising and overseeing the observance and implementation of the bylaw of the association and resolutions of the AGM; Providing the advices and measures. 负责监督对本会章程及会员大会决议的遵守及执行情况,经发现有违反及损害本会权益的情况或行为,应及时提出整改意见或措施。

2) Inspecting the general affairs and internally auditing financial situation and balance. 检察日常会务及财务状况。

11. The term of the board of directors and the board of supervisors is three years. The election of the BOD and BOS of the association shall take place at the general meeting after the three-year term. The election process is: 本会的理/监事会任期为三年。任期届满,理/监事会将由会员大会进行改选。理/监事会成员可连选连任。理/监事会的选举和改选办法如下:

1) Form an election committee which is composed of 5 members in good standing, invited by the board of directors; 设立选举委员会。选举委员会由五人组成,人选由本届理事会推荐。

2) The election committee is in charge of the election of the BOD and BOS. The member of the election committee shall not be the candidate of the director or supervisor of the next term. 选举委员会负责下届理/监事会的选举。选举委员会成员不得为下届理事会侯选人。

3) The candidates of the directors or supervisors shall be nominated by at least 5 standing members of the association and shall be checked and verified by the election committee. 理/监事会的侯选人必须有五名以上会员提名,并由选举委员会负责审查、核实。

4) The election committee is responsible to the general meeting of the association and shall submit the candidates at the general meeting based on the principle of fairness and justice. 选举委员会向会员大会负责,本着公正与公平的原则向大会提交理/监事侯选人。

5) The election committee shall openly announce the elected directors or supervisors based on the valid ballots. 选举委员会根据获得会员的有效选票,确定当选理/监事

Chapter 5 Accounts资产,经费及财务制度

12. Under the principle of thrift bookkeeping shall strictly follow the bylaw and accounting rule of the association. All financial activities shall be open to the association and supervised by the members. 根据本章程精神,必须以勤俭办会为原则,严格执行本会的财务制度。所有财务活动实行公开,接受会员监督。

13. The financial funding of the association consists of the following sources: 本会资金由以下来源构成:

1) Membership fee会费收入为本会基本资金来源。

2) Fund from the Casino gaming proceeds controlled by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission 接受阿尔伯塔省博彩基金的收益为本会的主要资金来源。

3) Donations from individuals, enterprises and organizations 赞助收益:本会接受赞同并支持本会活动的热心人士、企业、团体的慷慨赞助。
4) Fund from community activities, charity sale and training programs 本会可举办各种有意义的活动、义卖和培训,以增加本会资金。

14. The board of directors shall formulate the financial management regulation to perfect the financial system. 根据本章程和会员大会决议,理事会应制定联谊会财务管理条例,以完善财务制度。

Chapter 6 Rewards and Punishments奖惩规定

15. Awarding the certifications of appreciation or awards to contributors to the development and business of the Association 凡对本会的发展和会务活动作出贡献者颁发感谢状或嘉奖状以示鼓励。

16. The association shall advise peoples who damage the reputation, unity and solidarity to withdraw the membership对有损本会声誉或故意破坏团结者可劝诫退会。

17. The association shall suspend the members for misconduct or dishonesty with approval of the board of directors 对违反本会章程或损害本会利益的会员,经理事会半数以上理事通过,将取消会员资格。

18. The association shall expel the member when he/she violate Canadian laws对触犯加拿大法律的会员,将开除其会籍。

Chapter 7 Bylaw’ Enforcement and Amendment章程的订立

19. This bylaw shall be passed at the general meeting by a majority vote of the members attending the general meeting, and become effective after vote. 本章程需经出席会员大会半数以上会员同意通过,方可生效。

20. This bylaw may be amended based on the suggestion of two third of the members of the BOD and BOS, and shall be passed at the general meeting by a majority vote and become effective after vote. 由理/监事会三分之二理/监事的联名建议,可对部分条款进行修改,新条款再经会员大会通过方才生效。

21. The board of directors has the right of the ultimate interpretation of this bylaw. 本章程的最终解释权属理事会。

Chapter 8 Dissolution本会解散的处理和规定

22. In the case of dissolution and termination of the association the net asset of the association after subtracting the debts and duties from the association’s total asset shall be managed as follows: 本会所拥有的资产除去应付债务及义务外,其剩余部分在本会解散或终止时应作如下处理:

1) Transform the assets to a trust account of the municipal institution in order to distribute the assets to the legitimate social organizations, charity organization or charitable activities under the municipal authority, exercised by the board of directors. 移交市政有关部门的信托账户,以便在将来适当时机从市政有关部门转送给合法社会机构、合法慈善机构或者以慈善为目的的活动,此项处理由理事会执行。

2) Donate the assets to the legitimate charity or charitable activities, exercised by the board of directors. 赠与合法慈善机构或者以慈善为目的的活动,此项处理由理事会执行。